Outside Magazine Reponds To Lance Armstrong’s Critweets

lance_outside_6.22.10.jpgYou may recall that bicyclist Lance Armstrong was quite upset with his recent Outside magazine cover, wherein “38. BFD” (his age, followed by the phrase “big fucking deal”) was Photoshopped onto what was in reality a plain t-shirt. He took to Twitter to call the resulting altered image “lame bullshit.”

The magazine’s editors have since responded to Armstrong’s measured analysis and resulting articulate critique on the matter, noting that the cover itself featured a disclaimer about the offending t-shirt:

We understand that our July newsstand cover, featuring Lance Armstrong, has caused a bit of a ruckus. (Thanks, Twitter!). Yes, it’s true that, following our cover shoot with Lance, we had some Photoshop fun on the T-shirt he was wearing. BFD. We cop to it right there on the cover — see the line reading, “Note: Not Armstrong’s real T-shirt”. We wanted to create a provocative image and make a bold statement about the fact that, because of Armstrong’s age, many cycling fans are skeptical of his chances in this year’s Tour de France. Read what we think his odds are.

— The Editors

While altering a cover image with Photoshop is par for the course, it’s understandable that Armstrong’s ire, however (arguably) poorly handled it may have been, might stem from the fact that being depicted wearing a certain phrase or slogan or visualization of an idea might incorrectly insinuate an endorsement of his part — the visual version of an entrufflment, if you will.

Of course, it can’t be that he minds being associated with a swear word, because, well. That’s bullshit.