Our Bad: Hollywood PR Legend’s Passing Was Accidentally Passed Up

Uhm, we are self-absorbed, but it is LA, right? But now we’re trying to make good.

This is from our tip jar:

I hoped to see something marking the passing of a PR great on your news page today. To say that a lot of people, especially in Entertainment PR, have collectively shed a tear over the news that Warren Cowan passed away is not an exaggeration. It’s pretty big news and makes one wonder if MB will make any note of it. His passing is the end of an era. We, the hundreds maybe thousands, of PR professionals who knew him, feel the loss.

From the record: Mediabistro did do some pieces about it. PRNewser did a piece on it. As did TVNewser.

Now we have our chance too. Rest in peace, Mr. Cowan. And thanks to our anonymous tipster for keeping us on track.