How to edit your video online for free or cheap

Video editing doesn’t have to mean shelling out tons of cash for Final Cut Pro or limiting oneself to iMovie or Windows Media Maker.

After the news of Jumpcut’s demise, Motionbox remains the next best online video editing tool. Motionbox users can upload up to 300 MB video to the site (100 MB at a time) and edit it as they wish. Users can stream the completed video for free, but must upgrade to the premium version ($29.99 a year) for downloading capabilities and unlimited upload space. Motionbox is not a substitute for professional video editing, but it is a cheap and easy alternative.

JayCut lets users upload video from their camera, webcam or mobile phone and edit it on an iMovie-esque interface that is incredibly user-friendly. The finished video can be hosted by the service, downloaded to a PC or embedded on video social networks such as YouTube or MySpace.

Kaltura is where YouTube meets wiki. It offers a web-based platform where many users can collaborate on the editing of one or more videos using a Flash-based editor. Kaltura is geared toward businesses and the created video can be embedded on your site.

If your video is nice and edited, but was captured on a less than stellar device such as a cell phone, commercial digital camera or webcam, FixMyMovie can quickly improve its quality. The site will increase the video’s resolution, remove noise, and brighten any darkness. Users can either use the site’s upload tool or send the offending video via email. The process can take up to an hour depending on its size. After the video is scrubbed clean, FixMyMovie will email you a link to the enhanced version where it can be downloaded or embedded on the web.

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