Online Service Helps You Sort Through Job Vacancies Posted on Twitter

Hashtags got you down? If you’re overwhelmed by looking for a job on Twitter, you’re not alone.

As pointed out by CBS News, Gozaik assists users in making sense of the 50,000+ jobs posted to Twitter on a daily basis. You can search and sort the tweets without having to follow specific companies. The site also lets users enter the location you’re seeing by searching for jobs within a radius.

We decided to give the free service a whirl: By entering the title of journalist for 50 miles within New York, N.Y., five job postings appeared on the screen. Wondering why more jobs didn’t appear, we noticed the fine print:  “Gozaik contains jobs from selected US employers. Contact us at 855-6GOZAIK or to include your jobs.”

Although we expected to get more results the point is we did see some job opportunities within an instant. At that point, users can upload their resume and profile information into the site and apply for each position by replying to the tweet.

Suzanne Lucas explains, “On the surface that last part sounds awesome….But before you go crazy with that, stop and think — is the person who manages the Twitter account most likely to be the hiring manager, or even the recruiter that is actively sourcing that job? No. It’s likely to be someone not directly related to the actual job you want.”

Her advice? Once you identify the job to pursue, start networking to see if you have contacts who currently work there. You can also begin researching the company and job itself by devouring its site and looking for related articles. Through your endeavors if you still haven’t found anyone who has a connection at the company, you should apply online through its site.

She adds, “If you are a job seeker, definitely give Gozaik a try. It may help you find positions you didn’t even know existed.”