One Last Set Of 2011 Predictions, By The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria

Peter Lauria also got into the media prognostication gig, with a list of predictions for 2011 posted late on Friday afternoon.

Which means that most readers are probably getting around to his predictions today, if at all.

Which means we feel okay with linking to a set of predictions even if 2011 is already upon us.

Some of these guesses fit into the category of “way out there at first glance, but actually they make crazy sense.” For example, Lauria predicts that Google will buy a movie studio.

“[W]ith $33 billion on Google’s balance sheet, why bother partnering with, say, Dreamworks Animation, when you can buy it outright?”

And will Discovery Communications merge with Scripps Networks? The cable networks “fit better with each other,” Lauria says.

He also predicts the failure of OWN, the success of the NYT paywall, and more. Check it out.