Once in D.C., FLOTUS’s Fast Food Meal Changes Tone

A cheeseburger and fries lunch on Wednesday didn’t raise any eyebrows for FLOTUS at the Miluakee TV affiliate, TMJ4. The website headline reads: “First Lady Makes Surprise Visit To Milwaukee Diner.” The story made zero mention her anti-obesity campaign or what an unusual meal this was for her, describing instead what a thrill it was for diners to have First Lady Michelle Obama walk in. The owner remarked, “My stomach was turning.” It wasn’t from the fried food, but from FLOTUS’s presence.

But things changed once the story made its way back to Washington to Politico‘s Amie Parnes, where the headline became: “Fast Food for FLOTUS.” Parnes wasn’t too tough on her, also not mentioning the anti-obesity campaign or the famous vegetable garden that doesn’t grow cheeseburgers and fries. She wrote only that President Obama uses the “Don’t tell Michelle” line on the road and that this was her “fast food moment.”

Politics Daily‘s Lynn Sweet, meanwhile, who writes the “Daily FLOTUS” blog and is the Chicago Sun Times’s D.C. Bureau Chief, made no mention of the unhealthy meal in her write-up of the day in Milwaukee.