‘Occupy Sketchbook’ Offers Cartoonists’ Take on #OWS

Cartoonist Susie Cagle was very publicly arrested last month while covering the Occupy Oakland protest. And yet, in its recent list of journalists who had been arrested while covering the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Associated Press did not include Cagle. We suspect it’s because she’s a cartoonist and not a traditional journalist. A new project called Occupy Sketchbook–which compiles cartoonist reports from across the Occupy movement–has just been launched to help erase that distinction.

The Washington Post spoke with Occupy Sketchbook cartoonist Matt Bors about his role in covering the Occupy movement. Bors argues that good cartoonists are “embedded” in the movement and are producing far more thoughtful work than most other journalistic mediums.

“Corporate media is met with skepticism by protesters — and with good reason. I’ve found that sitting and talking to people with a sketchbook is a far better way to gain insight than shoving a network camera in their face. That only yields sound bites.”

So far cartoonists Susie Cagle, Sharon Rosenzweig, and Shannon Wheeler, from Oakland, Chicago and New York respectively, have all put their work on the site. Work from Bors and cartoonists in other cities will be posted in the coming days.