OC Register Discovers A Mexican In Its County. Asks Him Stuff.

01readarellano1_md.jpgThe column is outrageous. It’s often hysterical. It’s sometimes infurating. And it’s (finally) gotten the notice of the Orange County Register.

In a piece that feels a little like someone interviewing her neighbor, OCR’s Gwendolyn Driscoll profiles OC Weekly Ask A Mexican columnist Gustavo Arellano.

Because it’s a small world after all, the article quotes another OCR alum, LAT reporter Agustin Gurza, who says he doesn’t much care for the column:

“The column gives a forum for the racists to write in that they would never have (otherwise). He’s making it OK for the people to feel hatred for Mexicans and to validate that image of Mexicans that they have in their mind.”

We’re not opposed to journalists interviewing journalists (we’d be out of a job, if we were). We just wonder how the newspaper’s readers respond to stories like this… oh, wait, let’s check the handy-dandy reader comments and find out:

Gustavo says, “Money was scarce. Until he was 10, his family lived in a granny flat next to the train tracks in the La Fabrica area of Anaheim.” “It wasn’t a nice neighborhood then and it’s much worse now,” Arellano says. Therein lies the heart of the problem. The neighborhood is much worse now. Go to Garden Grove or Westminster and see how the Asian immigrants have taken rather dowdy areas and turned them into clean upscale neighborhoods. Go to Santa Ana, Anaheim, westside of Costa Mesa, anywhere the Mexicans have moved into, and you will see neighborhoods destroyed. Assimilate and embrace the American ideals? Contribute to the betterment of your home and neighborhood? No. It appears the intention is to bring Mexico here. Not a good thing.


And then there’s this one:

Ask A Mexican is the first column I read in the OC Weekly. I’ll be buying the book. Gustavo is one Mexican I don’t mind.
— Matt

We’re so glad Matt found a Mexican he doesn’t mind.