O Canada! Our Home and Well-Designed Land.


This was a terrific find over at the equally terrific Industrial Brand Creative. It’s the Canadian Design Resource site, which is all about creating awareness and interest in things made by our neighbors to the North (not our actual, physical neighbors who live across the hall — though, we’ve only met them once and they did kinda seem like they could maybe be from Canada. Wouldn’t that be a weird coincidence?). There’s some great info in there, everything from simple student-made projects to road signs, to this bit about where the nation’s identity came from:

Design: McLaren Advertising – Ralph Tibbles
Client: Federal Identity Program, Government of Canada
Date: 1965

The “Canada” wordmark has been defined as the dominant symbol for the federal government and is the second most recognized reference to Canadians after the flag. The federal identity program was established to create a common look for the federal government and to apply the tactics that corporations were just beginning to get a hold of. This is one of the first applications of identity branding that any government took and the design was sound enough that it still being used.