NYTs Coffee Klatch: Brooks and Collins In Conversation

conversation75.gifOver at the NYT’s our favorite columnist is talking with David Brooks. Apparently it’s a new feature called “The Conversation” in which the two will discuss, we have to assume, all things presidential (let no one ever accuse the Times of missing the online ship called New Media).
Up until now we weren’t aware that the hallowed Times op-eders were allowed to talk to each other. Actually, it sort of feels like those very special television episodes when different casts cross over into each other’s story lines. Anyway, today’s topic of discussion is: “Which party’s approach to the nomination process works best?”

David Brooks: “I think the Republican rules are much better, albeit in an evil and ruthlessly efficient sort of way. The Republicans like winners and disincentivize losing. Hence the profusion of winner take all primaries. They got a nominee efficiently and cleanly. Wham, bam, thank you Fred.”

Gail Collins
: “You’re right, Bush probably did win Florida. Democrats are irrationally bitter about minor details like voter suppression. But if you had to do a movie about a see-saw election, and one guy has the national popular vote on his side, and the other has his brother the governor and Katherine Harris, who would you make the sympathetic character?”

Do you see why we love her so much?! (Also, she’s a Buffy fan). It’s unclear whether this series will include other op-ed page match-ups, because we happen to think a Frank Rich, Bill Kristol “conversation” would be grand. Almost as good as a Gail Collins and MoDo chat.