NY Press Club Awards Recognize Times‘ David Barstow, BusinessWeek

nypc.pngThe New York Press Club yesterday announced the 62 winners of its 2009 Journalism Awards. BusinessWeek led the award count with seven wins, while The New York Times‘ David Barstow will accept the Gold Keyboard Award for excellence in investigative journalism at the June 15 ceremony.

Barstow was awarded the Gold Keyboard for his investigative series “Message Machine,” which focused on the Pentagon under former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the construction of the case for the war against and the occupation of Iraq.

Barstow’s work beat out two other finalists for the Gold Keyboard prize: The New York Daily News‘ investigation of the planning and construction of the new Yankee Stadium and Mark Thompson’s Time magazine cover story about the U.S. military’s use of anti-depressant drugs, “America’s Medicated Army.”

In addition to the Gold Keyboard, the NYPC also chooses recipients for two other unique awards: the Nellie Bly Cub Reporter, which honors reporters with three years of experience or less, and the Reverend Mychal Judge Heart of New York for reporting that is most complimentary of New York City. Fortune Small Business‘s Mina Kimes will receive the Nellie Bly for her article “The End of Oil,” while the Rev. Mychal Judge Heart award will be bestowed upon three recipients: Sara Fishko of WNYC, the Associated Press’ Beth J. Harpaz and Susan Dominus of the Times.

Over 300 entries were submitted to more than 20 categories of NYPC awards by New York-area newspapers, magazines, Web sites and TV and radio stations, with the winners picked by journalists, former journalists and academics with expertise in each specific category.

BusinessWeek was awarded prizes in the business reporting, consumer reporting, continuing coverage, feature reporting, political coverage and spot news categories. Several news organizations, including the Times, the AP, WCBS Newsradio, Bloomberg News, Newsweek/Newsweek.com and The Wall Street Journal all received four awards each.

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Club will honor 62 journalism award winners chosen from a field of nearly 300 entries at its annual Awards & Installation of Officers Dinner Monday, June 15th at the Water Club in Manhattan.

Headlining the awards this year is David Barstow of The New York Times, recipient of the prestigious, “Gold Keyboard Award,” for his investigative series, “Message Machine.” The culmination of a two year investigation, the series focused on how the Pentagon, under former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, constructed an elaborate disinformation apparatus to sell the Bush Administration’s case for war and a long occupation in Iraq.

Barstow’s reporting stood out in a category that required three rounds of judging and produced two additional finalists – the New York Daily News for its series examining questionable financing and other issues uncovered in the planning and construction of the new Yankee Stadium, and Mark Thompson’s Time Magazine cover story, “America’s Medicated Army,” that sheds light on one of the least publicized but most controversial new weapons used by U.S. fighting forces today: anti-depressant drugs.

The New York Press Club Journalism Awards are a venerable tradition in New York media, honoring excellence in journalism by writers and reporters who are recognized as being among the best in their fields.

Entries are considered in more than 20 categories of reporting from material submitted by newspapers, TV and radio operations, magazines and Web sites, operating in the New York metropolitan area.

Judging is by noted journalists, former journalists and academics who are selected for their expertise in the categories to be judged.


Gold Keyboard
“Message Machine” David Barstow, The New York Times

Rev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York
“Bella” Sara Fishko, WNYC-FM
“Various Travel Articles” Beth J. Harpaz, Associated Press
“Big City” Susan Dominus, The New York Times

Nellie Bly Cub Reporter
“The End of Oil” Mina Kimes, Fortune Small Business

Anticipated News
“Papal Visit 2008” NY1 News Staff, New York 1 News
“The Historic Visit Of Pope Benedict XVI” WCBS News Team, WCBS Newsradio
“Fed Defies Transparency” Mark Pittman, Elliot Blair Smith, Jesse Westbrook, Bob Ivry, Alison Fitzgerald, Bloomberg News
“How Obama Rewrote the Book” Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine
“Zimbabwe: An Underground Diary” Rod Nordland, Newsweek
“Change Has Come – Election Day” Daily News Staff Reporters, Daily News

Best Headline and Front Page
“Make Fear Your Friend” Fortune Small Business Staff, Fortune Small Business
“America’s Historic Vote” Claire Regan, Staten Island Advance

Business Reporting
“We Can’t Make It Here” Kevin Phillips, Playboy Magazine
“Wall Street Meltdown: The Layoffs” Carole Zimmer, Mark Mills, Nick Ciavatta, Bloomberg Radio
“Unconnected America” Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek
“Goodwill Hunting” Maxwell Murphy, Dow Jones Newswires
“The Fall of Bear Stearns” Kate Kelly, Wall Street Journal

Consumer Reporting
“The Credit Trap,” Kathy Chu, Byron Acohido, USA Today
“401(k) Predators,” Mara Der Hovanesian, BusinessWeek
“AARP’s Stealth Fees Often Sting Seniors With Costlier Insurance,” Gary Cohn, Darrell Preston, Bloomberg News
“Medicaid Fraud,” Barbara Nevins Taylor, Paul Tsakos, Roy Isen, Jonathan Weaver, Brian Kartagener, Chris O’Donoghue, Ed Lopez, WWOR-TV

Continuing Coverage
“YMCA Probe,” Tracy Everson, Greg Marsh, News 12 Westchester
“Auto Industry Coverage,” David Welch, David Kiley, Ian Rowley, BusinessWeek
“Recipe for Famine,” Alan Bjerga, Alan Katz, Carlos Caminada, Alison Fitzgerald, Pius Lukong, Helen Murphy, Christopher Swann, Jason Gale, Luzi Ann Javier, Ian Katz, Ari Levy, Peter Robison, Bloomberg News
“The Nixzmary Trials,” Scott Shifrel, Tracy Connor, Jane Ridley, Daily News
“Gay Marriage Series,” Lisa Miller, Lorraine Ali, David Jefferson, Newsweek
“Eliot Spitzer Scandal,” Glenn Schuck, James Smith, Mike Watts, Jen Pulsone, Metro Networks

Crime Reporting
“The Strange Redemption of James Keene,” Hillel Levin, Playboy Magazine
“The Hidden Cost of Violence,” Gary Fields, Wall Street Journal

Entertainment News
“Lalo Schifrin,” Sara Fishko, WNYC-FM
“Marilyn Horne, Survivor,” Verena Dobnik, Associated Press
“Muse Show 91,” Carol Massar, Manuela Hoelterhoff, Zinta Lundborg, Kathleen Campion, Ellen Pinchuk, Robert Hilferty, John Bence, Andrea Simon, Amy Marino, Robin Schatz, Mary Linnane, Alex Graham, Paul Cavrell, Joseph Valenti, Ryo Ikegami, Bloomberg TV
“George Clooney: The Last Movie Star,” Joel Stein, Time Magazine

Feature Photo
“Miraculous Reception,” Michael Appleton, Daily News

Feature Reporting
“Jazz Lives Here,” Stephanie Simon, New York 1 News
“WCBS Bargains,” Sean Adams, WCBS Newsradio
“The Subprime Wolves Are Back,” Chad Terhune, Robert Berner, BusinessWeek
“Red Sox Jersey Curse,” New York Post Staff, New York Post
“Views on the Bailout, from Harlem to Wall Street,” Moira Herbst, BusinessWeek
“Long Haul,” Sharon Cohen, Associated Press

Feature Video
“In Search of Miracles,” David Leibowitz, News 12 Long Island

News Special
“45 Years at Shea,” John Houseman, WPIX-TV

Outstanding Web Coverage
“2008 Summer Olympics,” New York Times Staff, New York Times

Best Web Exclusive Content
“Southern Discomfort,” Chris Dickey, Lee Wang, Seamus Murphy, Newsweek.com

Political Coverage
“Sharpton’s Money,” David B. Caruso, Associated Press
“Peter Haskell On Campaign ’08,” Peter Haskell, WCBS Newsradio
“Immigration: Enforcement or Politics,” Moira Herbst, BusinessWeek
“How He Did It,” Evan Thomas, Daren Briscoe, Eleanor Clift, Katie Connolly, Nick Summers, Michael Hastings,
“On the Campaign Trail,” Monica Langley, Wall Street Journal

Regularly Scheduled Local News
“CW 11 News at Ten: Papal Visit,” Team Coverage, WPIX-TV

Sports News
“The Perfect Sprint,” Jonathan Littman, Playboy Magazine
“The Final Game At The House That Ruth Built,” WCBS News Team, WCBS Newsradio
“Charting A New Course,” Antoinette Biordi, Paul Simone, Eric Leeds, Justin Barbo, News 12 Westchester
“Everett Walks Away From Broken Neck Salved by Hypothermia,” Curtis Eichelberger, Bloomberg News
“China’s Pride: A 24-Karat Olympic Machine,” Juliet Macur, New York Times

Spot News
“Man Barricade,” Tara Rosenblum, Alex Diaz, Jenna-Lee Russo, Timothy Cassidy, John Lyon, Doug White, Maurice Hudson, Janine Rose, Stan Kowalski, News 12 Westchester
“Microsoft-Yahoo Bid,” Jay Greene, Robert Hof, Catherine Holahan, Bruce Meyerson, Moira Herbst, Aaron Ricadela, BusinessWeek
“The Bear Collapses,” Dow Jones Newswires staff, Dow Jones Newswires
“Crane Accident Coverage,” Glenn Schuck, James Smith, Jen Pulsone, MetroNetworks
“Wall Street on the Brink,” The Wall Street Journal Staff, Wall Street Journal

Spot News Photo
“Pit Bull in Chains,” Michael Schwartz, Daily News