Nuance Bought Noterize for iPad Note Taking App

Screenshot courtesy of MacWorld UK

Screenshot courtesy of MacWorld UK
Noterize was a $3.99 iPad note-taking app that could also annotate PDF documents. It let the user take notes by typing in the iPad’s keyboard, writing or drawing using a finger tip and record audio. Macworld UK did not think much of its audio recording and gave the app an overall 3-star rating.

Speech recognition leader, Nuance, on the other hand, gave it a 5-star rating and bought the app for an undisclosed price.

Noterize acquired by Nuance, points to more iOS voice savvy (TUAW)

I’ve bought and used a number of iPad note taking apps that also record sound but never tried Noterize. It has been removed from the iTunes App Store. So, we will have to wait to see if Nuance re-releases it under their brand at some point in the future. If you’re wondering, I’ve been using the $4.99 SoundNote for iPad that synchronizes audio records to typed text in its notepad.