NPR Wins Peabody for Syria Coverage

NPR wins the Peabody award for their coverage of the conflict in Syria and for an audio chronicle of a teenager’s ambition to compete with the first female U.S. Olympic boxing team, produced by Radio Diaries and broadcast on All Things Considered.

International correspondents Kelly McEvers, based in Beirut, and Deb Amos, a roving correspondent who’s spent three decades covering the region, led NPR’s reports during frequent trips into Syria and from along the border in Turkey and Lebanon. Interviews included Assad regime officials led to the unexpected discovery of unity among Muslim and Christian rebels.

McEvers and Amos share the award with… senior supervising International Editor Edith Chapin and Senior International Editor Doug Roberts.

Over the years NPR has won 60 Peabody Awards. The awards will be presented at an May 20 ceremony in New York City.