No More Booking for Danno: Original ‘Hawaii 5-0’ Actor James MacArthur Dies

Tough day for the acting world. First news broke that “An Officer and a Gentleman” star Lisa Blount died at the early age of 53. Now word is out that the original “Hawaii 5-0” star James MacArthur died of unknown causes earlier this week. He was 72.

From The Hollywood Reporter’s obit:

Born Dec. 8, 1937 in Los Angeles, MacArthur was raised in a theater atmosphere by Hayes and noted “Front Page” playwright and screenwriter Charles MacArthur, his adopted father, at their home nicknamed “Pretty Penny” on the bank of the Hudson River in Nyack, N.Y….

In 1967, producer Leonard Freeman remembered an actor who did a cameo in the Clint Eastwood movie “Hang ‘Em High” as the traveling preacher who came on the set and required just one take. He called the boyish MacArthur and cast him as Det. Williams opposite Jack Lord on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O.” The phrase “Book ’em Danno!” has become one of the most popular lines in TV history, with the phrase returning to the airwaves with CBS’ revamped “Hawaii Five-O” back on the schedule. Scott Caan plays the Williams character.

No comment from Caan yet, but new “Hawaii 5-0” actor Daniel Dae Kim did send some thoughts MacArthur’s way via Twitter.

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