No Joke: The Onion and TBD Partner Up

From The Onion PR: “The Onion and Politico‘s sister publication,TBD, have partnered-up to throw their support behind tomorrow’s” sanity and fear rallies.

There will be 50,000 special edition partner issues handed out tomorrow afternoon.


*”Nation’s Morons March on Washington State,”
*”Area Man Passionate Defender of What He Imagines Constitution to Be” from the ONION.

Weirdly, the Onion PR keeps mentioning Politico. Yes, they’re related, but how about some TBD love minus the older sister? “The Politico portion helpfully offers a Complete Guide to D.C. for rallyers that covers everything from where to be and when, to restaurants and bars near the mall and where to find the closest restroom,” the release states.

> Update: Sources telling FishbowlDC that Politico is not happy with The Onion trying to feed off it. Politico had no involvement and it was strictly a TBD/Onion partnership, the source said.

> Update #2: The Onion has issued a correction after Politico kicked their Onion a–. “CORRECTION: my apologies for any inconvenience. Politico is NOT affiliated with this special issue. The content provided is from the Onion and TBD only. Please call with any questions or for clarification.”

> Update #3: This just keeps getting better and better. Now TBD has something to say, damn it. The Onion may be a scallion by the end of this. Here’s TBD Editor Erik Wemple: “In printing a pullout to be distributed at tomorrow’s rally on the Mall, TBD is by no means “throwing its support” behind the event in any way. We’re merely covering it and trying to provide information to our audience. We don’t throw our support behind anything except coverage of local news.”