No Flash for iPhone

Back a couple of weeks ago there was a lot of talk about whether or not Apple would ever add Adobe Flash support to the iPhone. Some industry folks were speculating that the lack of Flash on the iPhone was more due to a longstanding feud between Apple and Adobe rather than a technology issue.

apple-iphone-3_5.JPGTurns out the problem is that Apple chief Steve Jobs doesn’t think the current version of Flash that works on mobile phones is good enough, MarketWatch reports.

According to the report, Jobs told attendees at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday that because of the high-end technology that’s in the iPhone, it needs a Flash Player more like the one that’s used on laptops. However, since that version is made for larger devices, it ends up being too slow on the iPhone.

Apparently what Jobs wants is a bed, er, Flash Player, that’s not too big or too small, but just right. “There’s this missing product in the middle,” MarketWatch quotes Jobs as saying. “It just doesn’t exist. We enjoy a good relationship with Adobe.”

The question now is just how good that relationship will be now that Jobs trashed Flash.