NIACE Launches its Own eBookstore

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), a non-profit LLC based in the UK, has expanded its bookstore to include digital editions of its textbooks, monographs, and reference guides.

The eBookstore has around 50 titles at launch and the NIACE plans to add new titles as they’re published. Also, selected older titles will be converted and added to the eBookstore. It also has an online reader which supports full-text search, dictionary & encyclopedia, as well as letting the user share excerpts of the content with friends or colleagues via email.

A sample of each title is available online so users can try before they buy. Price range between £1o and £60+, and the eBooks do not appear to be discounted from the retail price of the print editions. The eBooks are sold in Epub and AER, and they are encumbered by DRM.

NIACE is also running a promotion for its new eBookstore. Everyone who registers for a new account before the end of July will be entered into a drawing to win a Sony Reader.