Newsweek Editor Defends Palin Cover

Palin.jpgNewsweek‘s cover story on Sarah Palin — and the accompanying cover photo — raised a lot of eyebrows this week, including that of the former Alaskan governor herself on her Facebook page. The cover took a picture of Palin from an old Runner’s World and added the headline “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sarah?” Palin called the cover sexist.

But now Newsweek editor Jon Meacham has responded to the allegations in a statement to The Huffington Post, calling the criticism unwarranted.

Said Meacham:

“We chose the most interesting image available to us to illustrate the theme of the cover, which is what we always try to do. We apply the same test to photographs of any public figure, male or female: does the image convey what we are saying? That is a gender-neutral standard.”

Well that answers one question (though whether the people who are offended by this cover will swallow it is another), although Newsweek‘s claim that Palin is “bad for everybody” might make it harder to believe.

But, it raises an interesting question: who are the morally offended here? Not your typical feminists, who wouldn’t go near Sarah Palin’s defense with a ten-foot pole. Rather, the die-hard Palin fans (and the ones who are ostensibly hurt by this cover) are the same people that voted for her. They’re so-called “Middle Americans” like Joe the Plumber who couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about sexism 99 percent of the time, who probably own issues of Playboy, and yet hypocritically have a problem with this particular woman being objectified when they had no problem doing the same to Hillary Clinton. Just sayin’.