Newsmax Has More Traffic Than Drudge?

Politico reports today that Newsmax has more web traffic than The Drudge Report.

Really? Most reporters familiar with the deluge of traffic from an incoming Drudge link know this is hard to believe.

In a weekend story, Politico cited traffic stats from Neilsen Online; Newsmax had 3.9 million unique visitors in March, “nearly” one million more than Drudge. Quantcast, however, reports that Newsmax has 5.9 million U.S. readers per month while Drudge has 13.6 million. The clear victor? Drudge.

Could just be interesting timing, but today Drudge links to a Pew study about how his site is at driving more traffic than both Twitter and Facebook. There are no Drudge links for Politico stories right now.