Newsday: Foster Child of New York Newspapers?

gflli.jpgThe folks at Newsday continue to be trepidatious over their future with new owner Cablevision, the paper’s “fourth distinct regime in 13 years.” It’s hard to see why they wouldn’t be, not only has Cablevision never owned a newspaper before (though, this doesn’t seem to bother people gunning for a NYTs Bloomberg takeover much) but they wouldn’t even give their own paper an interview on the sale (or the NYTs for that matter, and apparently “many employees of the paper declined to comment…for fear of offending their new bosses.”).

Newsday journalists wonder aloud whether the Dolans’ declining to be interviewed after the $650 million purchase was announced early this month should be seen as an ill omen.
You think? Perhaps they should have thought ahead and installed an overly strenuous (read: vacationing) “editorial integrity” committee to oversee the process. It’s worked so well for the Wall St. Journal.