Another Journalist Polls Politicians About Beyoncé

Some readers of North Carolina newspaper News & Record are not amused

Around the country, newspaper editors can attest to the general split between online and print readers. The latter group skews much older and tends to be vocal about things online readers click through with maybe, at best, a quick shrug.

This morning, News & Record reporter Kate Elizabeth Queram, in the shadow of her front-page echo of a recent Irish media stunt that went viral, tweeted that ‘the print version aaaaaaaaaaalways generates the hate calls.’ She is sharing transcripts of some of those voicemail messages via Twitter as well. One irate subscriber stated: “That I am paying for a front page full of, excuse me, bullshit… I hope and pray to God you never write another thing.”

For the article, Queram sent out an email query to various state and city representatives, asking if they liked the performer and if yes, to name their favorite song by the artist. In the article, she runs down the long list of responses and for the most part, these North Carolina politicians decided to have fun with it. Example:

Rep. Mark Walker, Republican, Greensboro

“Beyoncé is not my all-time favorite artist, but I would choose “Halo” as my first choice of course. If I were to say “Single Ladies,” would I have to surrender my man card? #KanyeWasRight”: