News Briefly March 11, 2008

NBC has ordered a new ‘celebrity’ ‘reality’ show. Er. NBC has ripped off another BBC show. Will this one be a Coupling or an Office?

Sierra Club reports that LA used to be a bicyclists haven. Like that is so 80’s…er 1880’s.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the writers strike will have very little effect on ad-buying season. It’s the feel-good story of the year.

E&P announces that Mike Brossart gets the gig as ‘Inland Valley Daily Bulletin‘s Senior Editor.

Page Six reports that Glamour fired its sex blogger, Mike Cherico for being ‘boorish’ to women. We’d like some evidence that Glamour is not boorish to women. Regardless, a rep for the magazine told Page Six: “We’re looking for a new Man Needs Date blogger.” Look for it under the URL