Newhouse School Tackles the Future of Sports Journalism

The Master’s program information road show for the University of Syracuse’s prestigious Newhouse School stopped by Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Joining school officials at downtown’s Sports Museum were an impressive quartet of Fox Sports panelists: executive producer Ed Goren (Syracuse Class of 1966), NFL reporter Jay Glazer (pictured) and football analysts Michael Strahan and Curt Menefee.

LA Daily News reporter Tom Hoffarth was also there, filing a personable dispatch about the “Future of Sports Broadcasting” discussion. All the usual suspects were mentioned with regards to the crazy speed cycle that now affects the craft: ESPN, TMZ, and so on. But not everyone is buying into the new rules. Writes Hoffarth:

Glazer emphasized an old school approach needs to stay anchored in the process by which journalism becomes enamored with new gadgets and short attention spans… “There’s a way to go about a story journalistically that’s also correct ethically. I will always confirm a story with three sources. For me, I’d rather get it right and be last than be first and have a 50-50 batting record.”

Nice to know that in a world where many journalists were concerned last Thankgsiving about the kind of golf club Elin Nordgren never used on Tiger Woods, there are still some old school jock journos to give thanks for this turkey season.