New York Times Magazine Parties in Austin

A Friday night bash in honor of the publication's first-ever "Music Issue."

Food catered by Franklin Barbecue? Check.


Plastic cups branded with a gentle reminder of the underwriters of this March 11 SXSW event? Check.


Add in live music from the band Hard Proof, the DJ stylings of Chris Rose and editor in chief Jake Silverstein back in his Texas stomping ground, and you’ve got the full picture of Friday night’s celebration at Easy Tiger in honor of this weekend’s “Music Issue.”

The March 13 edition list of “25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going” boldly starts off with a Justin Bieber selection, a choice many at last night’s event were likely unaware of. From there, the rundown – which automatically cues up and plays snippets from each appropriate song as a reader scrolls through – touches on everything from Hamilton and Marvin Gaye to Coldplay and Kendrick Lamar.

Photos courtesy: The New York Times Magazine

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