New WaPo Outlook Deputy Editor Has Started This Week

Former managing editor of The New Yorker Kate Julian has joined WaPo as the deputy editor of Outlook.

New to Washington, Julian started at the paper Monday. Outlook’s editor Carlos Lozada’s email to WaPo announcing her arrival (and the arrival of Baby Julian in early 2010) is after the jump…

Staff News: New Deputy Editor of Outlook

We’re truly delighted to announce that Kate Julian will be joining The Washington Post as the new deputy editor of Outlook. Before moving to Washington last month, Kate was the managing editor of The New Yorker, where for the past two years she shepherded articles from initial pitch through assignment, revisions, editing, fact-checking and into publication, and helped supervise the magazine’s 100-person editorial staff. She also wrote for the Talk of the Town and Tables for Two sections and was generally the right hand for our former colleague David Remnick. Previously, Kate was the magazine’s A-Issue editor, overseeing the closing of each week’s issue and serving as deputy to the managing editor. A graduate of Oberlin College and a native of northern California, she’s also been a senior editor of “O” (yes, Oprah!), assistant editor at the Council on Foreign Relations, and editorial assistant at the dearly departed Lingua Franca.

Kate will be starting with us on Monday, November 9, and we’ll be making the rounds for the traditional meet-and-greets. Please join us in welcoming her to The Post, and feel free to join in an Outlook pool for guessing the name, weight and birthday of Baby TK, forthcoming from Kate (and husband Andrew) in early 2010.