New Survey Reveals Nearly 20 Percent of Workforce Will Spend Thanksgiving With Co-Workers

As everyone gears up for Thanksgiving, it turns out co-workers are beginning to feel a lot more like family these days.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, almost one in five employees plan to spend the holiday with co-workers. When broken down by region, Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington DC have the highest percentage of people indicating they’ll spend the day with colleagues.

Results varied slightly by age as well. The 18 – 24 and 25 to 33 demographic has the highest percentage of respondents indicating they’ll break bread (or in this case, turkey) with colleagues at 24 percent.

Numbers dipped slightly for 35-44 and 55+ to 18 percent while the lowest percentage bottoms out at 15 percent for the 45-54 age group.

Although the survey breaks down numbers as well by race and industry (media was not included on the press release), perhaps the most revealing question indicated, “Would you rather spend Thanksgiving Day with your co-workers or your family?”

It’s no surprise that 90 percent revealed their family whereas two percent revealed co-workers but perhaps the most shocking answer was “neither.” Nine percent of overall respondents fell in this category. Note: 3,900 people were surveyed across the country.

On that note, whether you spend the holiday with your family, co-workers or both, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!