New Survey Reveals Employees Want Summer Perks & Actually Get Them!

Since summer is officially here, it’s no surprise a new OfficeTeam survey reveals 41 percent of employees want flexible schedules as a top perk.

As for the really good news, 75 percent of human resources managers included in the survey mentioned their company already offers flexible summer schedules. The second perk requested included leaving early on Fridays and apparently 63 percent of HR managers indicated their employees currently leave early on Fridays.

Survey results also indicated that employees are looking for a more relaxed dress code and fun outings outside of the office like a company picnic. Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, explained, “Workers appreciate having more control over their schedules as they juggle personal and professional obligations.”

From a management perspective, he added, “Businesses introducing flexible work arrangements should establish clear policies to ensure productivity isn’t negatively affected. It’s beneficial to stagger schedules and cross-train individuals so there’s always staff coverage. Conducting regular check-ins with team members who have alternate hours also helps keep projects on track.”