New how-to-save-the-movie-industry theory

Make movies with obvious social or political agendas! From THR re: a Sundance panel called ‘Brave New World: Entertainment and Social Change’:

Several panelists said that 2005’s 8% downturn in boxoffice admissions could have a positive impact on content in the long run, forcing studios to abandon formulas to take more chances on smaller films. Ray called politically motivated entertainment such as Skoll’s “North Country,” “Syriana” and “Good Night, and Good Luck,” as well as Focus Features’ “Brokeback Mountain,” a “resurgence of films saying things to people that matter. Rarely have so many films had so much impact.”

So, in other words, maybe ‘Syriana’ will be to the second half of this decade what ‘Pulp Fiction’ was to the second half of the last one. But instead of inspiring dozens of boring, faddish films full of pop culture references and gratuitous violence, it’ll inspire dozens of boring, faddish films with incoherent story-lines and ponderous political dialogues. I can’t wait!