‘Latina Media Dynamo’ Does It Up Loud in Venice

Nely Galán has forged a colorful career path, moving from the executive suite at Telemundo to the boardroom of Donald Trump‘s Celebrity Apprentice to a number of current Internet businesses. But all that pales when compared to her one-of-a-kind home on the Venice canals, which got a flattering write-up over the weekend in the LA Times.

The three-building compound sports an orange main house, a yellow Hawaiian-themed guest house, and a pink-fuscia studio workspace. Galán enlisted a number of Hollywood crew vets to help her with the project, which required at one point the three-month refinement of a computerized reference model:

“For me, this house is the most authentic I’ve ever been,” said Galán. “I felt successful enough to be this loud and congruent with my heritage.”

Kudos to article author R. Daniel Foster for tracking down both Galán’s paint mixer in Culver City and a unique neighbor testimonial. Reflections that bounce off the colored buildings make it seem, says one nearby resident, as if the sun is out even when it is not. Now that’s media mogul power.

[Photo credit: Lawrence Anderson]