NBA Prompts Fans to ‘Check In’ With New Turnstile App

The National Basketball Association is getting in on the location-based “check in” phenomenon with NBA Turnstile, a new app which encourages the league’s fans to alert their various friends when they attend and watch games during the soon-to-tip-off season.

Looking to capitalize on the trend driven by mobile apps like Foursquare, which allow people armed with GPS-enabled smartphones to broadcast their whereabouts, NBA Turnstile will let fans virtually check in when they attend live games to earn points and virtual prizes.

Plus, fans can check in when they watch live games on TV via NBA Turnstile—a concept similar in nature to the fast-growing live TV check-in application GetGlue.

NBA fans can access NBA Turnstile via the league’s preexisting mobile app. Also, they can connect their Turnstile check-in activity with a variety of other social-media properties, including Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.

NBA Turnstile, developed in conjunction with the sports-centric, social-media company Fanvibe, is designed to encourage fan attendance and viewership during the 2010-11 season (which starts on Oct. 27), while also further spreading the league—and its TV partners’ brands—through multiple social networks.

According to NBA execs, Turnstile will eventually present commerce and advertising opportunities for the league. For example, fans who check in with Turnstile at NBA arenas will be able to compete with other fans for concession discounts and the like.