Navy-Nazi Scandal Raises Important Issues About Nothing


We had thought we could avoid discussing the Navy-Nazi Architectural Scandal since everyone who knew how to use a computer back in 2005 already knew about this Google Earth discovery (apparently, all you had to do then was type “Hitler” into the search field). Here’s a pretty humorous take on the whole thing, which was written in 2005.

But now that every major news outlet is reporting it, as well as the fact that the Navy is going to spend $600,000 to de-Nazi it, we thought we’d bring up four things:

1) Don’t architects draw their plans from the same perspective as Google Earth satellites? Are you telling us that no one looked at this thing and said, you know, that shape looks kinda familiar…oh wait, it’s just an octagon, right?


2) Soon everyone’s going to be finding buildings that offend them and going after the tenants demanding to change it. Case in point, this extremely distasteful smiley face found in the gardens of Versailles. Sacrebleu!

3) Why don’t they just pixelate it, like they do many other censored sites?

4) Honestly, the military can’t find anything better to do with that $600,000?

Personally, we’re more intrigued by the adventures of another building that’s on the move in Southern California, the house that was stranded in the middle of the 101 freeway, faithfully chronicled by our friends at Curbed LA.