Natasha: For All Your Neon Spandex Needs


If you’ve been spending your time lamenting the loss of CBGB’s by getting drunk in dumpsters (which would be a surprisingly similar experience, we’d wager), maybe now you can drag yourself out and start reliving those grand experiences. Because, remember, they say that one closed door always leads to another one opening. So it’s with interest that one of the members of that original 1970s punk scene, Natasha, former designer at the store “Revenge” in St. Marks, then later another using her own name, has just opened a store online, selling, well, “punk-esque” attire. Here’s some:

The “REVENGE GIRLS” as they were called, were kind of a gang of girls, we were about seven punk girls that ran the store and were out on the scene every night. Either at Max’s Kansas City, or CBGB’s. They knew everyone that was anyone.

Natasha, was the in house designer and would make clothing out of zippers, spandex, leather and vinyl. She was inspired by comic book heroines especially Vamperella, you can see the influence in her vampsuits. The spandex pants became the staple for girls and guys for the next 10 to 15 years and started a major trend in stretch clothing.