Natalie Bancroft: Not Too Sure On The MBA


This month’s issue of Portfolio features an interview with Natalie Bancroft, who’s serving as the lone representative of the formerly-WSJ owning Bancrofts on the News Corp. board.

Of course, as Hamilton Nolan pointed out at Gawker earlier this morning, she’s also a 27-year-old opera singer. Bancroft is the daughter of Formula Two racecar driver Hugh Bancroft III and model Joyce Bancroft. She was raised primarily in Europe and is making a staggering $195,000 annually in cash and stock by being on the News Corp. board. But as for her interest in journalism? Portfolio‘s Sophia Banay sussed it out:

Is she planning to get an M.B.A. to help prepare for the position? “In journalism?” she asks. […] She appears to be doing her homework: She has already traveled to Los Angeles on News Corp. business and is studying the company’s board books. Among other initiatives, Bancroft plans to reach out to senior management at News Corp. and to meet with journalists. She also says she will resume a journalism course that she enrolled in after high school but never completed, at the London School of Journalism. “I’m working my little butt off,” she says.

Note to Bancroft: Next time, don’t ask the nice business reporter if a Master of Business Administration is offered in Journalism. It just angers them.

(Image via Portfolio)