Narrato Brings Journaling into the 21st Century

Do you have a hard time keeping up your journal? Narrato wants to help make it easy for you to record your ideas and memories through an iPhone app that is as easy to update as Facebook.

Using the app you can create journal entries that are short and sweet or long and thought out. You can write text or select images from your camera roll to share. You can import select tweets and photos and check-ins from Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. You can even import weather and location details to help set the mood or remember the location.  The journal content appears in a timeline, not unlike a social media feed, but it’s private.

Perhaps you need a journal for a novel that you are working on, and another to take notes for a feature story that you are writing. A cool feature in the app is that you can create multiple journals. It also works offline, which is great for a travel writer who is out of range.

All of your entries are backed up to the cloud when you are online. The app is $3.99 which pays for a one year subscription to the service. This includes unlimited cloud storage for an unlimited amount of entries.