Moving the California Academy of Sciences into Temporary Storage


Apologies for all the quiet coming from this writer. In between traveling across the country a few times for the holidays and getting engaged, it’s been a hectic week. But we know that you’ve been in the good, solid hands of Alissa and Stephanie and probably didn’t even notice this writer was gone, did you? Hmph. Anyway, for the next dozen or so posts, we’ll keep it quick in catching up with some of the stories we found of interest during our travels and exploits, both late today and first thing tomorrow morning (on the weekend even!). First up was a story from today about a museum move to even rival the MoMA back and forths from a few years ago: the shifting of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco from its old location, to a parking garage, to finally its new home in Golden Gate Park. If you think any move you’ve ever been a part of us has been tough, read this incredibly interesting story of having to move one of the largest scientific collections in the US across town from where it’s sat since 1853. ‘Nuff said.