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The Martin Bashir video? Just as awkward as you might guess. All sorts of Posties tell J. Freedom du Lac what their favorite Dylan songs are. Today is the birthday of David Bass, Marc Ambinder, Ron Klain and Lucy Kafanov. Over the weekend, Elizabeth Prann and Jim Brady turn a year older. Two years ago today, Sen. Lieberman lost the Connecticut Democratic primary to Ned Lamont. (Lieberman won re-election to the Senate by running as an independent).Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “-30- with you guys. You’ve become pathetic.” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • A release announced, “The Education Writers Association (EWA), the national professional association of education reporters and writers, is pleased to announce Raven Hill will join its staff as the new seminars program coordinator. Hill comes to EWA from the Education Trust in Washington, D.C., where she served as a communications specialist. Prior to that, Hill was an education reporter at the Austin American-Statesman in Texas where she helped launch the paper’s K-12 blog and a municipal reporter at the Home News Tribune in East Brunswick, New Jersey. She is a member of EWA.”

  • Jordan S. Lieberman, the publisher of Politics magazine, announced, “Tracy Dietz has been offered and she has accepted the position of Associate Publisher. In this position she will continue to focus exclusively on continued revenue growth into 2009 and beyond. Tracy will work closely with our sales team to provide the tools necessary to maintain our rapid growth and create for us the structure to expand not only organically but through new partnerships and acquisitions.”

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  • Are small-town newspapers thriving because they’re better, or because they happen to be located in small towns?

  • Eric Alterman takes on Maureen Dowd.

  • “A newspaper’s life-and-death struggle, played out in a new medium

  • Campaign U: “Officials of the U.S. Secret Service say there is nothing they could have done to avoid an incident yesterday in which Barack Obama was heckled by a strangely behaving man in the press section during an appearance at an Ohio college.”

  • Vanity Fair’s Bruce Feirstein writes, “Last week, I clicked on a link from Drudge to a New York Times story about Bill Clinton’s current standing in Harlem. That brought up a pop-up window at the Times site, asking if I wanted to take a survey concerning readers’ attitudes toward the paper. More as a lark than anything else, I agreed to take the survey; … In any case, as I began to take the survey, the questions became curiouser and curiouser, with specific inquiries about Judith Miller and W.M.D.’s, the MoveOn.Org ‘General Betray Us’ ad, the Times’ coverage of Israel, and questions about the impact of Jayson Blair, along with the paper’s decision to publish information about the domestic wiretapping program against the wishes of the Bush administration. … In an informal office poll of VF editors, some of us see this survey as an indication of a new, ‘touchy feely’ Times; others used the words ‘paranoid and frightened.'” See screenshots of the poll here.

  • Beckel and Thomas Picked for ‘USA Today’ Convention Team

  • The Boston Phoenix’s Adam Reilly writes, “Most of the job-related fears that keep journalists up at night are relatively mundane. We worry about getting scooped, making factual errors, pissing off the occasional source or story subject. But on rare occasions, a more ominous scenario presents itself — namely, the possibility that our reporting could cause actual harm to someone we cover. In a grim front-page piece published in the Sunday, August 3, edition of the Boston Globe, columnist Kevin Cullen wrestled with just this concern. Cullen’s subject was the death of Rakan Hassan, a 14-year-old Iraqi boy who was brought to Boston for medical treatment in 2005, after a mistaken attack by US soldiers killed his parents and left him paralyzed. Cullen had written about Hassan before, in a series of stories that detailed his evacuation from Iraq, recuperation at Massachusetts General and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospitals, and return to his home city of Mosul. … This story was different. Hassan, Cullen told his readers, had been killed earlier this summer, in a bomb blast at his family’s home. As the story progressed, Cullen explored whether Hassan’s Boston caretakers should have allowed him to return to Iraq — and whether the Globe’s coverage of Hassan’s story might have somehow led to his death”

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  • TVNewser: “Interactivity and the Debates”

  • TVNewser: “Changes in CNN Newsroom.”

  • Cablers Still Mostly Silent on John Edwards Enquirer Story

  • A NBC release announced, “According to Nielsen Media Research data, ‘Meet the Press’ was the most-watched Sunday morning public affairs program, winning the week ending Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008 in all categories. On Sunday, the Brokaw-moderated program was No. 1, averaging 3.302 million total viewers”

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  • Brian Stelter asks the interesting question of, “Did the ABC News deal with Facebook disappear?”

  • Washington Times’ Matthew Sheffield writes, “Profanity greater on liberal blogs”

  • FishbowlLA reports, “Village Voice Media Launching National Blogs”

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  • A NPR release announced, “NPR News will continue its extensive multimedia coverage of ‘Election 2008’ with live, comprehensive broadcast and webcast coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, from August 25-28, and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN, from September 1-4. During the conventions, NPR will have a team of more than 60 journalists offering in-depth news, interviews and analysis across all of NPR’s newsmagazines and at All coverage will air on NPR Member stations across the country; for local stations and broadcast times, visit NPR’s special convention coverage will also be streamed free and live from”

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  • Salon reports, “As U.S. newsrooms shrivel, India’s are booming. And they’re hiring, not firing reporters and editors.”

  • E&P reports, “The job market for journalism graduates has remained largely unchanged for the second half of 2007 and the first half of 2008, according to a new survey from the University of Georgia. The results of the survey from the university’s James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research, to be officially unveiled Thursday, reveal that nearly the same percentage of graduates in 2007 found full-time jobs within six to eight months of graduation as in the previous year, and salaries remained the same.”

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  • APCO Worldwide is looking for an Online Communications Strategist.

  • The Real News Network is looking for a Producer/Journalist.

  • The Baltimore Sun is looking for a News Producer.

  • Governing Magazine is looking for a Design Director.

  • The American Prospect is looking for a Nonprofit President & Publisher.

  • Washingtonian Magazine is looking for an Advertising Sales/ Independent Rep.

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