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Mouths are flabbing: Will we still see one more column from Novak, a farewell note of sorts? It’s Neil Armstrong’s birthday (Patrick Ewing, too). Marilyn Monroe died on this day in 1962. USA Today’s Susan Page told C-SPAN’s Steve Scully: “What about some sort of new show that combined C-SPAN with FACEBOOK??? You could call it C-BOOK. Or maybe FACE-SPAN.” Check out Jim Oliphant’s new blog. Friday was AP’s Jen Loven’s first day as White House Correspondents’ Association president. The Q&A Cafe, will launch Wednesday, September 17, with NBC News political director, Chuck Todd. The following week, Thursday, September 25, the guest will be George Stephanopoulos, host of “This Week” on ABC News. What area journo “thinks the construction guys next door are about to bust through the wall. today may be a work-from-coffee-shop kinda day?” Ana Marie Cox asks: “Just how boring does a HuffPo post have to be to elicit NO COMMENTS? A test case.” Ever wonder who that pretty person is walking up the Capitol Hill steps in Roll Call’s “Take the first steps into the career of your dreams” ad for It’s a sales person at Roll Call (but we’re not coughing up the name). Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “My company was in such a big freak’n hurry to get a photo back for the web that I missed the moment. My competitor kept his head in the game without distractions of the web and got the shot. I was outfitted with a wiz-bang toy that allowed me to send from my camera but for what? The morning papers revealed my error in getting too wrapped up in technology! CRAP!” Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time.

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  • This week’s classes include Intro to Travel Writing and Advanced Copy Editing.


  • An email announced, “Willis Witter is the new World editor of The Washington Times. As most of you know, Willis has been the acting World editor for several months, since David Jones was promoted. Willis has performed his duties admirably and deserves our respect and recognition.”

  • A tipster tells us, “Andi Sporkin, VP of NPR Media Relations in DC, is out as of last week.”

  • Washington Times’ Amy Fagan has accepted a job doing communications for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

  • A tipster tells us, “Matthew Borlik of the City Paper has been hired by the D.C. edition of the Onion A/V Club.”

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  • Slate’s Jack Shafer looks at, “What’s Really Killing Newspapers”

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  • FamousDC reports, “With Brokaw flailing at MTP, does George smell blood in the water? Whatever provoked it, the former Clinton staffer drilled Speaker Pelosi for 8 minutes on energy policy today on ‘This Week.'”

  • Press Think has “Three Vital Questions for ABC News About its Anthrax Reporting in 2001”

  • And The Center for Citizen Media reports, “ABC Has Major Questions to Answer in Anthrax Story”

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  • A release announced, “The Center for Public Integrity is pleased to introduce its latest project: our new blog, PaperTrail. A Center-wide effort, PaperTrail will be the hard-hitting, investigative blog that Washington is missing. Our blog will build on the Center’s 19-year history of investigative journalism and more than 400 investigations, ranging from the Bush administration’s 935 false statements leading to the Iraq war to the Clinton White House’s selling of the Lincoln bedroom.”

  • Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff writes, “House GOP ‘Tweets’: A New Story on Energy, Democracy”

  • Jay Rosen tweets, “If journalists do not become networked themselves, they will find themselves increasingly cut out of the conversation.”

  • A Free Press email announced, “Federal Communications Commission voted to punish Comcast for violating Net Neutrality and blocking your right to do what you want on the Internet.” For more info, click here.

  • A release announced, “The National Press Club protests the decision by Olympic organizers to censor Internet access of journalists who are covering the Beijing Games. According to reporters working at the Olympic Village press center, for the past week they have been unable to access scores of Web pages, including ones that discuss Tibetan succession, Taiwanese independence, the violent crackdown of the protests in Tiananmen Square and the sites of Amnesty International, Radio Free Asia and several Hong Kong newspapers.”

  • “There are only 24 days to the Democratic National Convention, and VivirLatino will be there, with your help. … We have a Latino student correspondent helping us out and making sure that a youth perspective is included in the coverage. While we have credentials to be inside, our coverage will include what’s happening outside, including protests and how the Latino community in Denver feels about the convention, especially as campaigns lay it on thick for the Latino vote. … Please help us get to the Democratic National Convention by contributing a donation. Right now our most immediate need is getting airfare covered.” To donate, click here.

  • The Bivings Reports looks at “The Use of the Internet by 2008 Senate Campaigns”

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  • James Brady writes, “When Simon & Schuster sent me an advance copy of David Carr’s new book earlier this month, I was delighted. The media columnist for The New York Times would surely be delivering a terrific account of his career; how he got the job; and his take on big media, new and old, the moguls and prima donnas, the tycoons and talents, the working journalists and the media conglomerates, the sycophants and PR people and hustlers, the publishers and editors, the magazine empires and the networks, the talk show hosts and the radio talkers, the deal makers and the takeover artists. What a glorious read that would be, and what a column or two I could get out of it. But as the immortal Red Barber used to cry exultantly from the press box at Ebbets Field, ‘Whoa, Nellie!’ The Night of the Gun isn’t that book at all. It is instead a memoir of Carr’s drug addiction and recovery.”

  • New York Magazine asks, “What Do Crack Cocaine and Journalism Have in Common?”

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  • A release announced, “Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement today to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, the number one program in America. ‘As a long time listener, I am excited to congratulate Rush Limbaugh for his two successful decades as the premier radio host and commentator for the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. His enthusiasm, intelligence, and dedicated insight into so many important issues of our time have made him a major force in broadcast journalism. He was the first conservative voice on talk radio, creating a nationwide movement, which led to the Republican Revolution of 1994. After 20 years, his conservative insights still resonate with millions of Americans everyday, who look forward to listening to him from noon to three. I am confident his passion and political analysis will help lead to another Republican Revolution in the near future. I wish Rush many more years of success.'”

  • “As the presidential conventions get closer, XM is preparing to cover the events in Denver and St. Paul 24 hours a day without commercial interruptions. Every word uttered on the podium will air live on XM’s POTUS ’08 station, and when there’s nothing happening on stage, we will have reporters interviewing newsmakers, the protestors rallying outside the arenas, journalists and bloggers. During the overnight hours, XM will air highlights of the previous day. The two main POTUS anchors will be Joe Mathieu and Rebecca Roberts, who are young, smart, funny, and good interviewees.”

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  • “FotoWeek DC, Inc., issues a call for entries to the first annual FotoWeek DC Photography Competition, as part of its mission to establish itself as the nation’s premier photography festival. The first annual FotoWeek DC celebration will take place between November 15 and November 22, 2008. In addition to the photography competition, FotoWeek DC will feature gallery openings, lectures, educational workshops, portfolio reviews, book signings, and special offers on photographic services and merchandise from local area retailers. … For information on eligibility, entry fees, categories, entry requirements, prizes and deadlines, and the complete list of judges, please visit the FotoWeek DC website at

  • Verge New Media is “Finding Opportunity in Career Uncertainty”

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  • Washington Business Journal is looking for a Staff Reporter and a Researcher/Reporter.

  • The Humane Society of the United States is looking for an Outreach Coordinator, Wildlife Abuse Campaign and an Outreach Manager, Factory Farming Campaign.

  • The Virginian-Pilot is looking for a Staff Writer/Ports & Shipbuilding.

  • PBS Interactive is looking for a Director, Video Product Management and a Digital Video (Associate) Producer.

  • Creative Options of D.C. is looking for a Managing Editor.

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