Morning Reading List, 07.31.06


  • Paul Farhi explains “It Pays to Be a Print Journalist — in Films.”

  • Howard Mortman: Dana Milbanktakes more friendly fire.”

  • Fox News’ discrimination suit near settlement.”

  • Tucker, from the war zone:

      “Well, Alison, about an hour after we got here, we found ourselves sitting on the patio of our hotel having a lunch of Stilton cheese, walnuts and Perrier.” — Tucker Carlson, living large in Lebanon, The Most, July 24

      “So tonight, if–it’s quite late here; I won’t even say what time it is, but it’s very late–if we were to go out, there are places open right now?” — Tucker Carlson, looking to bar hop in Beirut, Tucker, July 25

  • The legal ramifications of Jessica Cutler (the 15 minutes continue…)
  • Online Papers Modestly Boost Newspaper Readership” (More here)

  • Jack Shafer is in a cat fight.

  • Newspapers to Use Links to Rivals on Web Sites.”

  • Deborah Howell’s column, summarized: Milbank? Not so great. Virginity? A-okay.

  • “This Week” scored Lance Armstrong this past weekend? Hot.

  • On Channel 5 at 11, Just One Anchor, and No Chair.”