Morning Reading List 03.02.09

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Its day 42 covering the Obama administration and one month down for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



From Sunday’s WaPo, Howie Kurtz’s Media Notes, “Under Weight of Its Mistakes, Newspaper Industry Staggers.”

From DCRTV: “Even though its circulation numbers continue to plunge, the Washington Post is raising its subscription delivery price from 41-cents to 49-cents per weekday and Saturday. Beginning Monday, 3/2. That’s a 19.5 percent hike. The newsstand daily price is 75-cents. No hike in the Sunday $1.50 price…”

WaPo Ombudsman Andrew Alexander takes on the George Will “Dark Green Doomsayers” from two weeks ago, criticized for fuzzy facts on global warming. “Opinion columnists are free to choose whatever facts bolster their arguments. But they aren’t free to distort them.”


ABC Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey died Saturday at the age of 90. From Reuters: “Working out of Chicago, Harvey started his show each day by barking, ‘Hello, Americans, this is Paul Harvey! Stand by for news!’ and would sign off with a forceful ‘Paul Harvey…good day!'”

Statements from President George W. Bush, Paul Harvey Jr. and ABC Radio Networks President James Robinson can be found here, and a profile from WaPo’s Marc Fisher here.


HuffPost has a review of this week in magazines, including First Lady Michelle Obama, French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Silda Wall Spitzer, the wife of disgraced former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, all in Vogue.


Hearst announced the end of last week that its newspapers will begin to hold back some content from print for the web, allowing them to begin charging for digital news.

From WaPo’s Potomac Confidential, “Bloggers Can’t Fill the Gap Left by Shrinking Press Corp.”


Washington Whispers asks “…is Frank Luntz, the former Republican golden boy who provided the party with so many winning words and phrases, the model of modern, Obama-style bipartisanship or a GOP traitor?” Luntz makes regular cable tv appearances.


Al Jazzera is looking for a Senior Washington Correspondent.

Berkeley is accepting applications for two investigative reporting fellowships.

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