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It’s day 16 covering the new Obama administration. And day 3 for us.

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As first reported on FishbowlDC yesterday, NBC Washington Deputy Bureau Chief Wendy Wilkinson is leaving the network the end of March. TVNewser has Bureau Chief Mark Whitaker’s memo, in which he calls Wilkinson “the heart and soul of NBC News in Washington. She has run the bureau on a daily basis under Tim Russert, led it through the difficult days and months after Tim’s death, and been an invaluable guide and teacher to me since I moved here in August.” You can read the rest here.

Fishbowl DC has learned’s Andy Merten will also be leaving NBC’s Washington Bureau in March, to pursue a law degree.

WashPost’s Bill Hamilton has been named AME for Enterprise. Hamilton had been the Post’s political editor during the 2008 campaign and now fills Susan Glasser’s position. From Marcus Brauchli and Liz Spayd’s memo, “Bill’s well-earned credentials in this area- along with his collegial attitude and wry wit- make him an ideal choice. For many years, he has helped drive journalism that is original, engaging, agenda setting, and often prize winning.”

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The WashPost is looking for new design ideas. Calderone has the memo managing editor Raju Narisetti sent out yesterday, setting up “small, temporary groups to explore different aspects of our journalism, its packaging and presentation.”

Read more about cuts at Tribune here.

As we told you yesterday, NYTimes executive editor Bill Keller is taking questions in “Talk to the Newsroom” this week. Yesterday the topic of whether the NYTimes should charge for its website came up. Keller said, “A lot of people in the news business, myself included, don’t buy as a matter of theology that information ‘wants to be free.’ Really good information, often extracted from reluctant sources, truth-tested, organized and explained- that stuff wants to be paid for.” Gawker explores the topic further here.

On that note, AJR has Steve Brill’s advice on how the press can fix itself here. He says, “Newspapers have basically destroyed themselves by giving it away for free.” He calls this “totally insane.”

The NYTimes reported yesterday on the slew of former journalists joining the staffs of the Obama administration. This was also the topic du jour for TVNewser’s Morning Media Menu. Listen to that edition here and tune in daily at 9am here.

Roger Ebert’s reading newspapers again! Thank goodness someone is.

Check out today’s pick in the on-going discussion on the future of newspapers. And read about the “Washington Reporters’ Mass Exodus” here.

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The Obama 5-net interview wrap… TVNewser reports Pres. Obama tells ABC’s Charlie Gibson the news-of-the-day was “an embarrassment.”

My FishbowlDC co-conspirator Matt Dornic reported last night Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Pres. Obama for more “emotion” in his interview. TVNewser later reported, Obama to Wallace: “I think it’s fair to say that I don’t always get my most favorable coverage on Fox.” The Huffington Post has some more on that topic here.

Market Watch’s Jon Friedman writes a letter to Katie Couric. Couric’s Grammy special airs tonight on CBS.

Governor Rod Blagovich made the media rounds yesterday. Check him out on Letterman here and check out the Today Show transcript here. David Letterman asks Blago, “Why exactly are you here, honest to God?” Blago replies, “Well you know, I’ve been wanting to be on your show in the worst way for a long time.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has a book coming out in May called, “The Last Best Hope: Restoring Conservatism and America’s Promise.” Read about that new read here.

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The Daily Beast asks, can Google save the news? Find out here.

Speaking of Google, find out here how much more Hollywood Executives than the guys who are going to save news.

A reader brings this to our attention, “Pajamas Media, Rightblogger Meal Ticket, Pulls the Plug.”

Facebook users (aka everyone) be careful! As reported by’s Bob Sullivan in “The Red Tape Chronicles,” there are actually users out there scamming friends, and friends of friends for money over Facebook, and getting away with it. Learn how to protect yourself at the Red Tape Chronicles.

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It’s everyone vs. Rush Limbaugh these days. Washington Whispers has more on that here.

Rachel Maddow is back on Air America. The Daily News reports she has “dropped her daily evening show, but will ‘provide content’ for an hour-long morning program, largely built on her MSNBC show of the previous evening.”

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Ben Stein has backed out of speaking at the University of Vermont’s commencement ceremony after his announcement generated such a negative response. Read more about that here (very funny).

Did you notice Chevy Chase at Hillary Clinton’s swearing in ceremony? The AP did.

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