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It’s the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Rebecca Heslin is a year older today. Drudge: “NOT AGAIN! TIME MAG PUTS OBAMA ON COVER FOR 13TH TIME IN YEAR!” Today is Erin Matticola’s (of Politico) birthday and yesterday was Maureen Dowd’s Birthday. It was a year ago this week when John Solomon replaced Wes Pruden at The Washington Times. Stuff Journalists Like #181 — Firefox. Check out today’s White House Photo of the Day from Time. Today’s “Angry Journalist” rant of the day: “I’m angry about stupid e-mails from readers. I cover law and transportation and constantly get e-mails asking ME to find lawyers for prisoners. And today I got an e-mail from someone asking whether or not they should avoid highways in my city during rush hour. Ugh.”

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  • Politico has a new copy desk chief, Judy Shapleigh, who will be joining us on Jan. 23.

  • Moira Bagley has joined as the site’s investigative reporter.

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  • Washington City Paper reports, “Times Writer’s Definition of ‘Cool’ May Differ From Yours”

  • Tim McGuire writes, “The newspaper demise is accelerating; the market must respond”

  • Politico’s Ben Smith reports, “Politico on iPhone, Kindle”

  • The Washington City Paper asks, “A Note to Tapper & Kornheiser: If You Love Print So Much, Why Go On Tube?”

  • Gawker reports, “World’s Best Reporter Breaks Years-old Torture News”

  • E&P reports, “Gannett is implementing a long-rumored furlough program that wil require most U.S. employees to take a week off without pay.”

  • Seth Godin asks, “When newspapers are gone, what will you miss?”

  • Gannett Blog reports, “USA Today won’t give pay raises in 2009”

  • ReJurno reports, “NYT’s Carr Doesn’t Understand Webworld”

  • The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait writes, “There are so many things that make The Wall Street Journal editorial page a source of personal fascination–the undying faith in voodoo economics, the staunch defense of executive privilege and disdain for independent counsels during Republican presidencies alternating with disdain for executive privilege and staunch defense of independent counsels during Democratic presidencies–but perhaps the most intriguing is the wildly promiscuous use of quotation marks. Over the years, it’s become an obsession of mine.”

  • FishbowlNY’s Glynnis MacNicol reports, “The Atlantic Responds to The New York Times”

  • The Hill’s Michael O’Brien reports, “Cheney: NYT Pulitzers for Spying Stories ‘Aggravating'”

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  • A release announced, “Katie Couric will anchor an extended, one-hour edition of the CBS EVENING NEWS on Inauguration Day, Tuesday, January 20, from Washington, D.C. (6:30-7:30 PM, ET/PT, 5:30-6:30 PM, CT). The broadcast will include expanded reporting and coverage of the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. The first half-hour will be presented with limited commercial interruption.”

  • “Starting this week, Comcast Digital Cable customers throughout Metro Washington will have access to a unique and in-depth package of news and information leading up to and through the historic Inauguration Day of the 44th President of the United States on January 20. … To kick off the inaugural events, Comcast is offering its digital cable customers free access to HBO to watch the Opening Celebration for the 56th Presidential Inaugural at the Lincoln Memorial, which will air at 7:00 PM on Sunday, January 18. … Available through its signature On Demand service, Comcast will also deliver a convenient place for the whole family to watch some of the President-elect’s major speeches, learn more about the White House and its newest residents, and get a history lesson on the origins of Air Force One. This content is available from the On Demand menu, in the “Top Picks” category, under ‘Barack Obama’ and ‘White House’. … Comcast’s broadband portal — — will offer week-long coverage of events on the News channel, an online destination that brings together coverage of every aspect of Inauguration Day and the activities surrounding the occasion.”

  • DCist asks, “Do You Miss Accuweather’s Jim Kosek?”

  • Gawker looks at “The Smuggest Thing That Has Ever Happened”

  • DCist reports, “NBC4’s Pat Collins Models Long Underwear”

  • Gawker looks at “The Smuggest Thing That Has Ever Happened”

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  • The Washington Post reports, “Change Sweeping to the FCC — Obama’s Pick, a Venture Capitalist, Could Shift Commission’s Focus to Internet”

  • The Washington Post’s Web site has launched a video series with Lois Romano interviewing many of Obama’s closest confidants. The series begins with Campaign Manager David Plouffe. Check it out here.

  • CNN announced, “As we approach the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20th, is creating enticing content and coverage to offer to our partners. As part of our coverage of this historic inauguration, our users will be able to experience the sights and sounds of Washington, as well as interact with those in attendance and others watching across the country and around the world. will cover the day’s events LIVE, along with continuous content updates from reporters, iReporters and photographers on the scene, as well as analysis and commentaries. Also, LIVE will stream video coverage of President Obama’s swearing-in, his inaugural address, the inaugural parade and other events as the day unfolds. All of this coverage will be available continuously through four LIVE streams.”

  • “The Washington Post’s Web site will produce all-day live video coverage of President-elect Barack Obama’s Inaugural events on January 20th. Anchors, Chris Cillizza, David Maraniss and Dana Priest, joined by the Post’s political and metro teams and special political guests will bring viewers news and analysis from locations at the Inaugural platform and the Post’s newsrooms. Reporters will also live feed video interviews from their cell phones with people at the parade and the National Mall, making this the site’s largest live video production to date.” The live video will be available here.

  • Matthew Yglesias looks at “Journalists, Bloggers, and Status Anxiety”

  • Check out Wonkette’s “Official Special Inaugural Mid-Week Programme”

  • Check out the new Washington Whispers page, including Zogby’s Obamameter, video and In Today’s Hopper.

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  • DCist reports, “WTOP Scribe Gets No Love from D.C. Council Meeting”

  • A release announced, “Air America Media (, a progressive media company, will present its coverage of President-elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20, both on-air and online. Air America’s on-air coverage will originate from Washington, D.C. with live coverage of the swearing-in and Inaugural Address beginning at 11am ET. Immediately following the address, Thom Hartmann will be broadcasting live from the Capitol from 12:30-3pm ET. Hartmann will be joined by Ron Reagan and Ana Marie Cox, as well as other members of the Air America team, for the post-ceremony broadcast. … Online editor-in-chief Beau Friedlander and his team will be blogging live on throughout the event, posting original content and aggregating other media coverage of the Inauguration. Ira Mellman, former WTOP and WCBS reporter/anchor and Air America’s special correspondent, will also be contributing on-air and online live from Washington, D.C. on the Inaugural festivities.”

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  • Andrew Sullivan writes, “Lots of emails from readers asking about the chat with the president-elect this morning. It was totally off the record and I’m a stickler for those rules. I can say, however, the following: it’s hard to express the relief I feel that this man will be the president soon. I realize that’s what I feel above all else: relief.”

  • reports, “Even if hordes of Americans decide to forgo the crowds and cold involved in attending President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration, the media head count should exceed any previous attendance, with staff from every conceivable medium descending on Washington this weekend. In the case of the glossies and the blogs, coverage will inevitably entail trawling the parties.”

  • The Boston Globe asks, “Why should a journalist’s race matter?”

  • The Consumerist looks at “The Death Of Consumer Journalism”

  • Portfolio’s Mixed Media asks, “What If ‘Citizen Journalists’ Are Tax Dodgers?”

  • Metrocurean looks at “Press For DC’s Dining Scene”

  • Jossip tells us why “It’s OK to Miss the Inauguration”

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  • The Center for American Progress is looking for a Videographer/Editor.

  • Atlantic Media Company is looking for an Innovation Developer, Front End.

  • SNL Financial, LC is looking for a Reporter, Financial News and a Financial News Editor.

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