More Thoughts On The Strike From Our Beloved Readers And Our Addled Reality


In a rare stroke of luck, we flew over Manhattan this morning, getting a proverbial birds’ eye view of the apparent horror of the transit strike. Given that it was about 6:50 am, things seemed pretty hectic. Red lights gridlocked all over far downtown, but cars on the Manhattan Bridge were flying. Walked down from Grand Central to the East Village, got to Union Square, and noticed that the city was kinda quiet. Which was weird, because we thought it’d be louder what with cars, walkers, really angry people, etc. And it occurred to us that we’re so used to hearing the subways’ background noise that when they stop it almost seems like New York is holding its breath.

Yeah. We’ll have what we’re having.

However keen our observation may be, however, it pales in comparison to this latest missive:

Long time listener, first time caller.

You pose an interesting observation about how the infrastructure of the city is really tested at a time like this. We could talk about things like contingency plans or inner strength or urban resilience. But more importantly, WHEN DO WE START LOOTING? and if you start without me, pick me up something shiny.

Because there’s nothing like a couple shiny things to make the pain go away.