More Minutiae, Kissing Valentino By A Crystal Blue Italian Stream Edition

  • Jon Friedman isn’t fooled by Oprah’s rigteous piety, and Joel Stein is an annoying fly that must be swatted away: That’s the general theme of Jon Friedman’s column today, plus Bode Miller is a press-mongerer. Even so, it was fun to watch. [MW]
  • Watch an episode of Sex and the City. They say it far more succinctly. n+1 thinks they’ve discovered dating, that dropping SAT scores is hot. Here’s a dating tip: it’s not. [n+1]
  • Two more Alessandra Stanley corrections: Honestly, the mind boggles. [Gawker]
  • Farewell to a 60 Minutes director and a part of history: Longtime — nay, founding — 60 Minutes director Arthur Bloom died from lung cancer. It was Bloom’s stopwatch that famously opened 60 Minutes almost since its inception, and that iconic image and sound is inextricably indentified with 60 Minutes to this day. [NYT]
  • In case you were wondering…Media-macher-turned-crusading-Canadian Michael Ignatieff was victorious in the recent Canadian election, taking the riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, connecting with locals, and actually, it seems, making a go of it. Vive le Canada! [Globe & Mail]