More Minutiae, And Thou Shalt Worship Thy Dark Lord Jack Shafer Edition

  • 156,000 subscribers can’t be wrong: TimesSelect has attracted 156,000 subscribers thus far in its 4-month life (happy four-month-anniversary!). Silver lining to that last quarter, I suppose. [E&P]
  • Shafer defends WaPo‘s Howell (but thinks WaPo should enter the Fray): Slate‘s Jack Shafer thinks the Post ought not have been taken by surprise by vituperative comments on its message boards, and points to Slate‘s own version as a model of reader contribution and discussion. Also, a window into his lovably crochety soul: “One of the great mysteries — and disappointments — of my own career is that despite my best efforts I’ve never been the target of a protest by an angry minority organization, a special interest group, or a political caucus.” Aw. BOYCOTT SHAFER NOW! SHAFER IS THE DEVIL! (There for you, Jack.) [Slate]
  • Give us your iPod, we’ll give you the World (News Tonight): Interesting tidbit from TVNewser – apparently ABC’s World News Tonight podcast is the #1-downloaded news podcast on iTunes, after only three weeks. Which is weird, considering you can’t even see Bob Woodruff or his handsome, chiseled face. [TVNewser]
  • The news is still strange at Romenesko’s Obscure Store & Reading Room: But I seem to be the only person who thought it was weird. So I guess it’s time for me to put my bid down on that SONY LocationFree TV LF-X5 (7″)! [Romenesko]