More (Funny) Heat for The Decemberists and Their Hated Green Screenery

If you’re music video nerds like we are, you might already be familiar with this battle. If you aren’t, then you might appreciate this take on the ol’ “design contest” hubbub. Circulating this week, after the initial bit of anger and some national press when Stephen Colbert took them on, was the video below in response to The Decemberist’s “Make Your Own Music Video” contest featuring green screened footage and a dinky prize of a Mac computer. You can get the idea of what went on from a variety of sources, that the original video just wasn’t working out and the director left the project, so they had all this footage sitting around and the label felt it should be put to some use, but whatever the case, it’s caused quite a stir, like in the comments section on Antville about this very reponse: