Mobile productivity app CloudOn comes to Android smartphones

CloudOn logo

CloudOn today released an Android smartphone version of its mobile productivity app as well as CloudOn 4.0, which adds a landscape mode and other improvements. In late December 2012, CloudOn updated its apps to version 3.0 and launched an iPhone version of the app, the first iPhone app featuring Microsoft Office integration.CloudOn logo

CloudOn, which first launched in January 2012 on iPad, allows user to create, review, edit, share and access Microsoft Office and Adobe documents, with the ability to share documents using cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. One of the apps’ main features, FileSpace, captures the actions of a user in a document like edits, annotations and more.CloudOn Android smartphone screenshot 1

According to vice president of product Jay Zaveri, CloudOn made a few notable modifications to the app for smartphones. FIrst, the ribbon, also known as the toolbar, features big icons that won’t be hard to press on a small smartphone screen. Although, this change to the ribbon first appeared when CloudOn released its iPhone app, the change will be reflected in the Android smartphone app as well.

With more than 3.5 million downloads and about 80 percent of users configuring a storage provider, CloudOn has been seeing 20,000 downloads a day, with 90,000 downloads on Dec. 20 when CloudOn for iPhone launched, Zaveri says. In the first half of 2013, CloudOn plans to roll out a group productivity feature as part of FileSpace, which give users the ability to share the same file with others as well as edit a file asynchronously, and have a singular file space associated with a user’s file.

CloudOn Android smartphone screenshot 2

“The file space concept for us is big,” Zaveri says. “We think that when someone actually makes a change to a file, if they can actually share comments and directly call out people in the file space, we feel that a lot of contextual information will be captured in that file space.”

In the next few days, CloudOn will release a version of the app for higher resolution Android tablets and next week the company will update its iPhone and iPad apps to version 4.0. CloudOn is free and available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets.