Mmmm. Journos Eat Up in Iowa

Iowa isn’t known for its salads. It’s reputation when it comes to food is somewhere between “fried butter on a stick” and “beef sundaes” (which Michele Bachmann served at the Iowa State Fair last August).

During his speech last night Rick Santorum said, “This has been an incredible journey…99 counties, 381 town hall meeitngs, 36 pizza ranches, and you’ll notice I’m not buttoning my coat for a reason. Okay, I love Iowa, but the fair can be a little bit thickening.”

That goes for journos, too.

On Tuesday RedState‘s Erick Erickson tweeted from Iowa that he was eating a fried pork tenderloin sandwich per the recommendation of Politico‘s Jonathan Martin.

PBS NewsHour producer Mary Jo Brooks was also in the state. She tweeted a photo of a plate full of frosting-covered cookies.

Chris Moody, of Yahoo! News, told FBDC in an email that he feels all but forced to eat junky food. “They have a deal at the West Des Moines McDonalds where if you buy one McMuffin, you get the second one for the temperature it was at noon the day before. It was 22 degrees on Monday, so my second sandwich cost me only two dimes and a few pennies,” he informed us. “How can you resist?!”

Moody also said there’s a restaurant directly across from his hotel that offers free pie on Wednesdays. Another must-have. But possibly worse was Reuters‘ Sam Youngman, who tweeted Tuesday that he’s “eaten three whole cows and two pigs” since he’s been in Iowa.

Slate‘s Dave Weigel doesn’t seem like he’s doing too bad, though he said he takes “full and disgusting advantage” of his hotel’s “hot breakfast.” Otherwise, he says he’s eating a lot of fruit and Zone bars, save Monday when he had shrimp and sausage for dinner.

This isn’t good for reporters who made New Years resolutions to be less fat. But fortunately the editors of Health magazine are here to help with “The Carb Lovers Diet Cook Book.”

Get thin with the three Ps: pasta, pizza and potatoes.  The advertisement promises you can lose 12lbs in one month. And it’s only $29.95.

The best part, and no doubt a sign from above, is that the publisher, Oxmoor House, is based in — where else? — Des Moines, IA.

Note to readers: The beef sundae is pictured above.