Millions of Users and Businesses Register Facebook Usernames in First 24 Hours of Landrush

fblogosmallThe Facebook username landrush appears to have gone off largely without a hitch. Over half a million usernames were registered in the first 15 minutes after the floodgates were opened, and several million usernames have been registered so far today (3 million as of 11am PT this morning). Few users reported having any technical issues with the site – congratulations to the team at Facebook on a very smooth launch!

We’ve seen some interesting cases of vanity URLs that have been registered so far:

It will be interesting to see if Facebook allows these names to live on – Facebook has built a team to make sure the vanity URLs that are registered are authentic. Some users have already reported having the usernames they registered being taken away. The next couple weeks are likely to be pretty messy as Facebook encounters gray area after gray area when it comes to username allocation. You can learn more about the rules Facebook has set up for vanity URLs for Pages specifically here.

Regardless, all those who’ve chosen new usernames will notice their profile page URL switch instantaneously.  Expect to start seeing many more vanity URLs floating around in the coming weeks and months.