Milbank = Bimbo

…And he’s not afraid to admit it.

    Anonymous: FYI: From Peggy Noonan’s Jan 20 column: The other day, Dana Milbank, an important reporter for The Washington Post, the most important newspaper in the capital, wrote a piece deriding Judge Alito. Once such a piece would have been important. Men in the White House would have fretted over its implications. But within hours of filing, Mr. Milbank found his thinking analyzed and dismissed on the Internet; National Review Online called him a “policy bimbo.”

    I didn’t know there were any bimbos in policy. Is there like a calendar I can buy? They are accusing you of being a tool for the left. Some on the left would disagree, but hey, freakin Peggy Noonan thinks your important. That’s so awesome!

    Dana Milbank: I was very pleased to be named a “policy bimbo” in Peggy’s column. (Hopefully the savvy people can get the link put in here.) But in truth, Noonan was just repeating what the ever-angry John Podhoretz had written on a blog on National Review. He called me a policy bimbo for making a joke, in a Style story, about a 1935 Supreme Court case (don’t ask), but I was more grateful for his description of me as “one of the most obnoxious writers who has ever lived.” I am hoping to use this as a blurb for my book.