Miami Herald Reporter Cleared In Sexual Harassment Claim

Carol Rosenberg, the Miami Herald reporter that was accused of sexually harassing US Navy Commander Jeffrey D. Gordon has been cleared by her paper following an internal investigation into the matter.

Miami Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal said that they “found some inconsistencies in [Gordon’s] version of events.”

The Miami Herald claims that they “interviewed military officials and journalists from other news organizations, some of whom saw the incidents cited by Gordon.”

But one has to wonder if Rosenberg was cleared based on the audience or the action.

Jamie McIntyre, a former CNN Pentagon correspondent who was named as a witness, told WaPo’s Howard Kurtz, “I didn’t think there was any sort of sexual abuse, unless you’re telling me a naval officer, a sailor, isn’t used to hearing anatomical references in anger. It sounds like an overreaction on everybody’s part.”

Another witness who was in contact with Miami Herald HR about the matter told FishbowlDC that in response to testimony about the account, was repeatedly asked “is that sexual harassment” and “do you consider that sexual harassment?”

One might assume that the Miami Herald would rely less on opinions, perceptions or individual definitions of “sexual harassment” and more on their own policies.